QSAT Ecosystem is a disruptive development and operating company in blockchain satellite and terrestrial communications. Building a P2P (peer to peer), N2N (node to node) Quantum Mesh Network , with quantum solutions, AI cybers security, data storage, fintech, and manufacturer of advanced technologies. QSAT is a division of Stealth Grid LTD. providing incentivized access 24/7 autonomously, securely to every part of the world. QSAT™ seamlessly dynamicly switching the ground and orbital quantum mesh network nodes for a truly autonomous decentralized P2P network.

This global autonomous quantum mesh network will provide new pathways for the global community.

QSAT Ubiquitous Under One Sky.


QSAT™ Quantum Communication Infrastructure

QSAT™ development of orbital and terrestrial components for the transformational quantum communication infrastructure creating the QG Wave (Quantum Frequency). Encompassing a series of quantum communication networks, data storage, QUBIT Blockchain™ technologies for the quantum mesh network infrastructure.

QSAT™ space-based platform deploy the first Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) network cases for securing data with QKD include financial transactions, healthcare records, critical infrastructure, IP and trade secrets, communication, database and application services, offplanet backup transmissions for a secure new sovereign based ecosystem.

QSAT™ (QubitSat)
Quantum Generation Ltd.
British Virgin Islands

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Site: qsat.ai