QGSAT® Space-Based Ecosystem™
The Quantum Space Revolution™!

QG® Wave (Quantum Frequency)

The World's First & Only Quantum Mesh Blockchain™ Satellite Constellation! 

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QGSAT® is at the forefront with its QGTechX® platform, managing space debris and championing space sovereignty. We're shaping the Quantum Generation® Space Revolution today, setting the pace in space-based connectivity. With our QSAT™ QUBIT Blockchain® Satellites and Quantum Generation® orbital and terrestrial Quantum Mesh Network, we're pioneering the QG® Wave (Quantum Frequency). Join the Quantum Generation® Space-Based Community: safeguard your freedoms and foster decentralized global economies.

Quantum Generation® 
Launching a New Future

  The Quantum Generation® space-based ecosystem is committed to establishing a robust terrestrial and orbital infrastructure through QSAT Leo Satellites. Our Quantum Mesh Network™ ensures 24/7 connectivity that remains uncensored and beyond any single entity's control. It's a network for the people, by the people.

We at Quantum Generation® understand the significance of owning our delivery systems to prevent undue influence from big governments or centralized tech giants. Our platform ensures freedom of thought, enhanced privacy, optimum security, and the creation of a boundary-less global market. Dive into the QG® Movement, help us fortify the Quantum Generation® Infrastructure, and become a member of the QG369 Social Community. Engage with our hyper-deflationary QG369 Coin and the Native Qubit Token.

QGSAT® Space-Based Quantum Satellites Ubiquitous Infrastructure!

The QSAT™ Quantum Blockchain Constellation, enhanced by QG® (Quantum Generation®) spectrum and QSAT™'s unique architecture, is revolutionizing global communications, internet, and data storage. Leveraging the power of QUBIT Blockchain® and QG® Graphene Technology, it employs particle streams instead of traditional EM waves, enabling groundbreaking satellite-to-satellite telecommunications via QG® Repeaters. The result is a system that offers an unparalleled blend of capacity, speed, security, resilience, and low latency, all at an affordable cost. This culminates in the creation of QG® Wave™, a Quantum Frequency® surpassing 5G speeds. In tandem, we're introducing the QGTechX® Space Debris Management in collaboration with QSAT and Quantum Generation.

High Throughput

QGSAT® High Throughput Satellites (HTS) harness the power of QG® Graphene Technology, utilizing particle streams over traditional EM waves for satellite-to-satellite communication. Coupled with QG™ repeaters, the Quantum communication of QG® Wave in space delivers speeds around 4.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones, eliminating the need for any ground-based touchpoints. This distinctive combination positions QSAT™ to offer rapid, secure, and dependable infrastructure from any point to another.

Blockchain Constellation

Every satellite functions as a comprehensive blockchain node, interfacing with fellow satellites in orbit and nodes on Earth to create an intricate quantum mesh network impervious to external manipulation. QGSAT™ ensures a seamless 5G transition between terrestrial and satellite connections. With its 5G architecture, QGSAT® facilitates data connection and backhaul from millions of smart devices and sensors within homes and city infrastructure—paving the way for the smart cities of the future through the creation of QG® WAVE (Quantum Frequency).

Next -Generation
Satellite Constellation

QGSAT® is set to unveil the world's most expansive decentralized P2P quantum mesh network. This network is anchored in blockchain technology and fortified by Stealth Grid’s™ quantum secure cryptography, ensuring unparalleled data protection and privacy. By fostering new innovations, we're amplifying the performance and reliability of all existing Stealth Grid Quantum cybersecurity solutions for the long haul.

Quantum Satellite Blockchain Constellation™

Combining The Speed Of Fiber With The Ubiquity Of Satellite.
New Economy, Sovereignty & Communications Without Boundaries

A groundbreaking targeted global constellation comprises over 200 interconnected Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Blockchain satellites, providing DAPPs and seamless, fiber-equivalent data connections across the entirety of the Earth's surface—including oceans, airways, and the poles. Through QG® Graphene Technology, communication relies on particle streams rather than traditional EM waves, bolstered by QG® Quantum Repeaters. This leads to the generation of the QG® Wave – the pinnacle of Quantum Frequency.

QSAT is seamlessly switching the ground and orbital quantum mesh network for a truly autonomous decentralized P2P network provider high-quality decentralized voice, QPhones, QUBIT Exchange®, QUBITFI™, QUBIT Blockchain®, IoT, messaging decentralized data storage, banking. QSAT™ unit will operate as a full node.

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Jurisdictional Agility  QUBIT Blockchain® 
New Sovereignty!

QGSAT® utilizes LEO Satellite blockchain technology designed for distributed ledger applications and jurisdictional flexibility. Enabled by advanced quantum communication, it excels in data collection, quantum computing, smart city integration, and data storage. The QUBIT blockchain is constructing a quantum mesh network that remains resistant to disasters and infrastructure failures, ensuring constant connectivity, anywhere and anytime, with exceptional speeds. The QGSAT® Blockchain™ Satellite Cryptocurrency Exchange, known as QUBIT Exchange®, offers a quantum-secure cryptocurrency solution emphasizing jurisdictional adaptability. This represents the next phase in trading, sovereignty, and ensuring that QUBIT Blockchain® technology transactions remain safe, autonomous, and secure.

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Innovative Space-Based Quantum Communication  Solution

QG®WAVE Quantum Frequency 

Every satellite functions as a comprehensive blockchain node, networking with counterparts in orbit and Earth to form a resilient quantum mesh network immune to outside interference. QGSAT® ensures a seamless 5G transition from land to space. Its 5G architecture facilitates data transfer from countless smart devices and sensors in homes and city structures, laying the groundwork for future smart cities. This gives rise to QG® or QG®WAVE and Quantum Frequency. 

Quantum Generations space-based decentralized QPhone®

Quantum Generations® is rolling out its space-based communication through QPhone®. QG® heralds a new era of decentralized space infrastructure and quantum technologies poised to redefine everything. The QPHONE® and QG® Community are set to transform how we communicate, conduct business, and live daily. Quantum Generation is launching the world's most extensive decentralized telecommunication network in space, utilizing QG® Wave quantum frequency and blockchain tech. The QPhone® Quantum Mesh Network™ facilitates data transmission, seamlessly balancing between terrestrial and QGSAT® nodes, all enhanced by QUBIT Blockchain® incentives.

Quantum Space Revolution!

QGSAT® Space-Based Quantum Secure Autonomous Data Centers

QGSAT® – Safeguarding Data in Low Earth Orbit
QGSAT® represents the future of quantum-secure, managed low-earth-orbit satellite storage networks. Its platform ensures ultra-secure, sovereign data storage and retrieval from almost anywhere on Earth.
The QGSAT™ Edge
QGSAT’s satellite network boasts five distinct advantages over traditional storage:
    1. Universal accessibility,
    2. Confidential and protected data transport,
    3. Mastery over data sovereignty,
    4. Tangible secure storage, and
    5. Sturdy infrastructure resistant to power failures, extreme weather,          quakes, or antagonistic actions.
QGSAT® Embraces Blockchain
Leveraging QSAT’s satellite network foundation, the integration of blockchain technology offers a distinct edge, boosting security and transactional prowess in a decentralized system.

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say." -George R. R. Martin

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Quantum Generation® provides a solution to censorship. Become a part of the Quantum Generation® Space-Based Community and protect your freedoms. Privacy, Wealth, and Sovereignty while creating new global prosperity and legacy. Our community is built with a desire to protect our privacy, anonymity, sovereignty, and wealth. 


"The world’s first trillionaire is going to make their fortune in space.
New Economy Without Boundaries! 

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