QSAT™ Nano Satellites™  

QSAT Multi-Purpose Nano-Satellite Bus

QSAT™ 26U/16U/12U CubSat 

The QGSAT™ satellite bus showcases a modular and cohesive design, optimizing payload capacity. With a focus on crucial mission objectives, it efficiently manages processes such as payload development and offers dedicated in-orbit support.

This bus is meticulously crafted for a range of applications, from Data Storage, Fintech, blockchain, and communications to QKD, Quantum Computing, IoT, M2M, and Earth Observation (EO). Further enhancing its capability, the QGSAT™ QG26 bus is equipped with a propulsion system adept at executing high-precision maneuvers, ensuring extended satellite durability and minimizing maintenance expenditures.

New generation nano-satellite bus dedicated to Quantum Generation® space-based businesses configured for diverse applications.  

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