Quantum Generations Space-Based decentralized QPhone®

Quantum Generations® is developing and deploying its Space-based communication with the QPhone, decentralized Internet, fintech, mobile, and QSAT® Satellites. QG® is the next generation of decentralized infrastructure and quantum technologies in Space that will change everything.

The QPHONE and QG Community now holds power to revolutionize everything we do, how we communicate, do business and even live our everyday lives. Quantum Generation cybersecurity for a new age of decentralized telecommunications is developing and launching the world's most significant decentralized telecommunications space-based network based on the QG Wave quantum frequency and blockchain technology.

The Quantum Generation global community is deploying its Space-based telecommunications and internet. We aim to bring privacy, security and control back into the everyday communication of our users by enabling them to communicate via incentivized nodes, Wi-Fi, or data using our quantum mesh network without relying on traditional providers and centralized infrastructure. Our quantum mesh network will be based on the QG Wave technologies qubit blockchain we're developing. It will bring fundamental changes to the current terrestrial and orbital infrastructure and, therefore, to the current systems of communication, data storage, financial markets, and quantum generation digital IDs.

QG® Space-Based Mobile service will bring affordable cellular broadband service to hundreds of millions of people, for the first time, helping countries and companies achieve rural and universal coverage goals. Provide global access to digital currency with autonomous quantum secure Internet infrastructure.


QG (Quantum Generation) Blockchain Phone for the ground and orbital quantum mesh network communications. Aways connected anywhere in the world. 

QPhone™ blockchain space-based mobile devices provide privacy anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or data and the QSAT™ ecosystem. Decentralize mobile communication with technologies that enable smartphones to communicate without relying on centralized infrastructures using our decentralized Quantum Mesh Network™ Phones feature a built-in privacy control center giving users full control of access and functions of their phone.

We are utilizing the Q369 Token and Qubit Token within the Quantum Generation ecosystem to activate products and services such as decentralized communication products, internet, data storage, incentivized platforms, and participation deployment of the QSAT satellites, quantum mesh network products, and services.

Become a Quantum Generation space-based community member and be part of a secure, incentivized decentralized system with the Quantum Generation space-based ecosystem. Become part of the revolutionary Space-based technology visit quantumgeneration.io for more information on how to become a member.  

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