QG™ Space Based Ecosystem™                   

The World's First & Only Quantum Mesh Blockchain Satellite Constellation!
QSAT™ building a transformational autonomous ubiquitous orbital and terrestrial infrastructure. The QSAT™ incentivized ecosystem communicates with the terrestrial mesh network through, QUBIT Blockchain®, QAntenas, QPhone, StealthCrypto® phone, QData, QWifi, Q-IOT, QSoftware, backed by quantum cryptography, communications, QG™ Graphene Technologie using particle streams instead of EM waves for satellite to satellite telecommunications and QG™ detectors and teleportation. The QSAT™ space based sovereign community is the Quantum Generation© "QG™"!

Quantum Generation™ Ltd. 

Quantum Satellite Blockchain Constellation

Combining The Speed Of Fiber With The Ubiquity Of Satellite.
New Economy, Sovereignty & Communications Without Boundaries


Transformational sophisticated global constellation of 2000 plus cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Blockchain satellites.  DAPP’S and fiber like data connections, over the planet’s entire surface, including across oceans, airways and polar regions.  QG Graphene Technologie using particle streams instead of EM waves for satellite to satellite telecommunications and QG™ detectors.

Orbital & Terrestrial

QSAT seamlessly switching the ground and orbital quantum mesh network for a truly autonomous decentralized P2P networkprovides high-quality decentralized voice, StealthCrypo® QPhones, QUBIT Exchange™, QUBITFI™, QUBIT Blockchain®, IoT, messaging decentralized data storage, banking. QSAT™ unit will operate as a full node,. 

BLOCKCHAIN SATELLITES Ubiquitous Infrastructure!

QSAT™ state-of-the-art LEO Blockchain Constellation will combine the company’s global QG™ (Quantum Generation) spectrum with QSAT proprietary LEO architecture to transform global communications, internet, data storage, QUBIT Blockchain®, Cyber security, fintech and, QG™ Graphene Technologie using particle streams instead of EM waves for satellite to satellite telecommunications and QG™ detectors . The constellation will deliver an unsurpassed combination of capacity, speed, security, resiliency, latency and low cost. QSAT™ LEO constellation will accelerate 4G/5G expansion, Creating QG™ (Quantum Generation). The QSAT Ecosystem is a global autonomous quantum mesh network will provide new pathways for the worldwide Space Based Ecosystem™.  

High Throughput

QSAT™ High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in the constellation interconnected QG™ Graphene Technologie using particle streams instead of EM waves for satellite to satellite telecommunications and QG™ detectors through Quantum communications an  in space which is about 4.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones and without the need for any terrestrial touchpoints. This unique set of features enables QSAT™ to provide instant infrastructure from anywhere to everywhere which is fast, secure and reliable. 

Blockchain Constellation

Each satellite will operate as a full blockchain node, and connect with its peers in orbit and on the ground to establish a complete mesh network that will be resistant to external control. QSAT™ supports 5G seamless switching from terrestrial to satellite. QSAT™ 5G architecture connecting and backhauling data from millions of smart devices and sensors inside homes and urban infrastructure, for  smart cities of the future - Creating QG™ 

Next -Generation
Satellite Constellation

QSAT™ is launching the world’s largest decentralized P2P quantum mesh network satellite constellation. Developing incentivized, self-sustainable, quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology. Built on Stealth Grid’s™ quantum secure cryptography for data protection and privacy. Enabling new innovations, while providing ongoing high performance and reliability for all existing Stealth Grid Quantum cyber security solutions – far into the future. 

QSAT™ Satellite-Based Autonomous Data Centers

QSAT™ – Securing Data in Low Earth Orbit
QSAT™, a quantum secure managed low-earth-orbit satellite and storage network to securely store and manage data. QSAT’s data storage platform provides for ultra-secure sovereign data storage and retrieval from most locations around the globe.

The QSAT™ Advantage
QSAT’s satellite network and systems have five key advantages over conventional data storage methods: 1) global access and transport, 2) private and secure data transport network, 3) data sovereignty management, 4) physically secure storage and 5) robust service infrastructure impervious to power outages, severe weather, earthquakes, or hostile acts.

QSAT™ and Blockchain
Capitalizing on the physical satellite network architecture of QSAT, utilization of blockchain technology presents a unique opportunity to provide enhanced security and transaction capabilities within a decentralized network system. 


The ground-based STEALTHCRYPTO® Quantum Mesh Network™ will scale and balance data transmission between ground and QSAT™ nodes. The QSAT™ Mesh network access will not be necessary at all times. StealthCrypto®,  QPhone, Qubitwifi, Qantena client devices l will connect to receiving devices such as QUBITFI™ which will communicate with QSAT™ and blockchain incentivezed.  

Innovative Blockchain Wireless Backhaul Solution

QG™ (Quantum Generation™) is an innovative Blockchain wireless backhaul solution, based on patented pending QG™ (Quantum Generation™) Blockchain wireless technology for QuabMesh Architecture. Unlike other Blockchain wireless backhaul solutions, QG™ (Quantum Generation™) forms multiple node-to-node (N2N™) mesh network.

QAntena, Qphone & QubitFi

Qubit Antena™ technology building blockchain node to node qubit mesh network , beamforming satellite solutions that are flat, lightweight, small, and use software to steer instead of mechanical parts. Qubit antenna and Qubitfi technology uses software to electronically point and steer toward a satellite; this means the terminal will auto-commission and auto-provision, allowing for rapid setup and installation.

Oribital Blockchain New Sovereignty 

QSAT™ LEO Satellite blockchain technology for distributed ledger applications. Powered by quantum communication technology for data collecting, quantum computing, smart city deployment, data storage. QUBIT blockchain nodes for data processing and secure constellation data storage. Using proprietary Stealth Grid quantum cryptography technologies for quantum communications, teleportation, number generation and key distribution. Building a quantum mesh blockchain network that is impervious to disasters and infrastructure failures. Always connected anywhere anytime 24/7 with lightning speeds.

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite Cryptocurrency Exchange - QUBIT Exchange™ Quantum Secure Crypto Currency Solution. The future of trading and sovereignty. The QUBIT Blockchain® technology transactions safe, secure, and autonomous.

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"The world’s first trillionaire is going to make their fortune in space.
New Economy Without Boundaries! 


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